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Setu Industries is the leading industries in the world of Industrial pump which is making pump in the name of “SURGE” brand. We are known for the different types of industrial pump manufacturer in wide range where our pump categories like mud/sewage pump, Self priming, Rotary Gear pump, Coolant pump, Centrifugal pump also make in S.S. as per requested. SURGE is well known International brand which provides pump with high quality and high performance with cost efficiency. We provide each and every solution regarding pumping requirement in industries.

Electro Magnetic Flow Meters.

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Power Input Up To 50 HP.

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industrial Pump Series

Mud / Sewage Pumps

Mud / sewage pump Series Pumps are of non clog and self priming type. They are used in various marine, industrial, civil construction, mobile machinery and public utilities applications.

Mud / sewage mono block pump Series Pumps are single stage, horizontal, centrifugal, non clog, self priming, mono block pumps. They are used in various marine, industrial, civil construction, mobile machinery and public utilities applications.


Coolant Pumps

Coolant pump are used in all CNC machines, lathes, machining centres, most suited for grinding m/c.s, filtration units chip conveyors, washing machines, etc.


Gear Pump

Gear pumps are also widely used in chemical installations to pump high viscosity fluids. There are two main variations; external gear pumps which use two external spur gears and internal gear pumps which use an external and an internal spur gears. Gear pumps are positive displacement, meaning they pump a constant amount of fluid for each revolution.


Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pump are used commonly in uses include water, sewage, petroleum and petrochemical pumping. There are two types of pump like bare pump and flange type pump.

Self Priming Pumps

Self priming pumps are used in water circulation application, Sea water application, Food processing Industries, Boiler application, Pharmaceuticals industries, dairy industries, mineral water plant etc.

Self Primimg Multi Stage

These pumps are of multistage and have a modular construction. These are either gland packed or mechanically sealed and can be of either electrical drive or engine drive. These are widely used in air conditioning, boiler feed, petroleum, chemical and process industries and so on.

Back Pull Out pumps

Back Pull Out pumps basically comes in Gland Pack or Mechanical Seal. The back pull out pump’s main application for water supplies in Industries, Air Conditioning Plant, Power Station and fire fighting. It comes in various Pipe sized and different flow rate.


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