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Gear pumps are also widely used in chemical installations to pump high viscosity fluids. There are two main variations; external gear pumps which use two external spur gears and internal gear pumps which use an external and an internal spur gears. Gear pumps are positive displacement, meaning they pump a constant amount of fluid for each revolution.






  • All positive displacement rotary gear pumps are self priming pumps with suction lift of 5 meters at mean viscosity and speed 1440 rpm.
  • The SEG series of SURGE pump has modified profile of teeth to give accurate discharge within the pressure range.
  • The helical gear design delivers constant volume without any pulsation. It also reduces internal slippage and gives high volumetric efficiency.
  • Compact in size and highly economical.
  • All these are self lubricated pumps recommended for use where the liquid to be transferred has lubrication properties. Hence the bearing are lubricated by the pumping fluid and do not need any external lubrication.
  • Easy maintenance due to availability and interchange ability of spares.
  • All SURGE gear pumps are designed and assembled with close tolerances to reduce the mechanical losses, thus it consumes less power and operates at higher efficiency.


 Pressure  UP to 10 kg/cm2
 Discharge  10 LPM to 500 LPM
 Pipe size                                      1/4” BSP to 3” BSP


 Pump Body                              C.I. Gr. FG 200
 Back Cover with R.V.              C.I. Gr. FG 200
 Gland  Cover                           C.I. Gr. FG 200
 Rotor Assembly                                   Gear – SAE 8620, Shaft – EN 8
 Bush                           Sintered Bronze
 Oil Seal             Nitrile Rubber
 Rotor Shaft Key                           M.S
 Packing              Prespane Paper


“SURGE” rotary gear pumps are useful for handling following viscous and Semi viscous liquid,

  • Clean lube oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Ground nut oil, Cotton seed oil and Hydraulic oil.
  • All kind of vegetable oils.
  • Paints & Varnish.
  • All kind of fish and animal oils.
  • Soap solutions.
  • Sugar molasses and syrups.
  • Printing Ink.
  • Glycerine, Glycol and Glue.
  • Viscous Chemical.

Rotary gear pumps are widely used in Paper Mills, Refineries, Steel Mills and Textile Industries.




  • “SURGE” positive displacement gear pumps are self priming pumps which has totally new pumping concept resulting reliable and simple design.
  • Manufacturing techniques ensure more accuracy in dimensions, interchange ability and pump characteristics.
  • There are only two pumping elements in internal gearing principal, this result in unmatched suction characteristics that is impossible in double helical gear pumps.
  • There is only one shaft well supported at both ends of rotor for smooth, vibration free running and eliminating bearing problems normally found in the conventional gear pump.
  • The noise level is very low and this series needs practically on maintenance and much longer service life then other gear pump.
  • Precision machined components guarantee high volumetric efficiency and overall efficiency.
  • Internal gearing principal with axial flow ensures pulsation free continuous flow.
  • Compact and light weight design eliminates elaborate foundations.
  • Single shaft design permits pump dismantling without removing pump from base or disconnecting pipes. Pump can be serviced in place.


 Pressure  Up to 10 kg/cm2
 Discharge  1 LPM to 175 LPM
 Pipe size  ¼” BSP to 1½” BSP


 Pump Body                              C.I. Gr. FG 200
 Back Cover with R.V.              C.I. Gr. FG 200
 Rotor Assembly                                   Gear-Sintered iron, Shaft-EN
 Bush                           Sintered Bronze
 Oil Seal             Nitrile Rubber
 Rotor Shaft Key                           M.S
 O Ring            Nitrile Rubber




The SIG series of “SURGE” pumps is used to handle lubricating oils, fuel and other fluids which have lubrication properties. These pump are ideally suited for following typical application.

  • To transfer or circulate the fuel oils.
  • Gear lubrication, oil circulation, through cooler, cooling of bearing and in pressure lubrication.
  • To transfer all kind of oils without solid particles.
  • Boosting of fuel oil pressure for oil burner service and fuel injection pumps.
  • Unidirectional flow designs for reversing shaft duties as in machine tools, gear boxes and crane duties.

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